Lenny WWII

Pics of my father in WWII.
  1. stanberger
  2. No explanation needed.
  3. Germany, 1945. 
Taken in Gotha.
  4. Me on the Oerlikon.
  5. Christmas Day 1944. Paris.
  6. 1943. 
1632 Carroll St.  
Brooklyn, New York.
  7. Crossing the Rhine.
  8. Flip side of previous photo. 
Germany, 1945. 
Crossing the Rhine with Corps. rear.  The first time I crossed it, I had to wait 6 hours to get...
  9. Ready to Leave England
  10. Paris, 1944.  Half a block from the Rainbow Corner Red-Cross.
  11. Arc D'Triomphe.
  12. Capt. Mazel W. Van Orden (sp?) 
CO, C Company. August, 1944.
  13. Germany, 1945.  Taken by an old bomb crater in some small town I forgot the name of.
  14. Germany, 1945.   
Three of my switchboard operators. 
John Walkovich 
Flavio Verdicchio 
Jock Witsil 
Note the XX Corps patch.
  15. Germany, 1945. 
If Somebody can read German maybe they can translate.
  16. Paris, 1944. 
The field was across the street and down the block from the Lycee.  American football going on.
  17. Aboard Ship.
  18. Birmingham, England, 1944. 
Birmingham's Grand Casino - the onlt real dancing place within 60 miles.
  19. Specialist Len Kaplan. Signal Corps, USA.
  20. Dad, Aunt Gert and Grandpa Ben Kaplan.
  21. Lenny in UK. 1944.
  22. Embarkation to France, July 1944.
  23. Arrival in France.
  24. Lenny with others.
  25. Unknown location.
  26. On the Autobahn.
  27. in Germany.
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