Pics of my time in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.
  1. 1367777635650
  2. 1KM from FOB kutsbak(now called FOB TAGAB by FFL)
  3. Me in man dress goffing around with my former soviet army conscript squad mate. Much love to my crazy russian friend.
  4. santa me
  5. Combat Infantry Badge
  6. Iraq 2004
  7. Iraq summer 2004
  8. Route clearance N.Iraq near kirkuk
  9. 800px Flag of NATO svg
  10. Hi
  11. foot patrol tag-ab
  12. ANP sf truck hit by rpg that failed to detonate,Tag-ab astan.
  13. Back on Bagram to pick up new HMMWVs
  14. Taking a break in FOB Kuntzbac after a long night of combat in Tag-ab
  15. French foreign legion in the Tag-ab valley
  16. Vehicle check point in the snow. Good times.
  17. Rescue op for a chinook helicopter down with mechanical problems in the Tag-ab valley.
  18. ANA BMP2 followed by BMP1
  19. ANA M113
  20. Me and my good friend the MK-19 automatic grenade launcher
  21. Tag-ab valley
  22. MY best friend the MK-19
  23. Hollowween BagramAB Astan 2007
  24. ANA H-aid drop Tag-ab valley
  25. OP Tag-ab valley
  26. 40 day summer offensive againt taliban in the Tag-ab valley kapisa province.
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