Marine Corps stuff.

photos of Marine Corps related stuff.
  1. NROTC Demonstration (my face on the left)
  2. Dar guarding the suspect.
  3. My MWD Dar biting the decoy (im holding the leash off frame)
  4. new killflash.
  5. the coolest MWD in Hawaii, Dar.
  6. Dar at Pearl Harbor.
  7. Caption
  8. Dar and I on the chopper, His first helicopter ride. Can ya tell?
  9. Dar and I.
  10. standing by on QRF during a training exercise.
  11. army strong
  12. Max and I
  13. max sittin' pretty
  15. My MWD Max
  16. another day on the job
  17. me
  18. MK19 Automatic grenade launcher
  19. 50.Cal
  20. Fany and I at K9 school.
  21. K9 school. Controlled Aggression training.
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